Disaster Restoration Services by Bulldog Restoration and Cleaning LLC

Services Offered

Emergency Disaster Restoration: response to a disaster occurring immediately prior to restoration that sets the client back into the most normal situation possible, that mitigates damage as fast as possible and initiates recovery.

Commercial Restoration Services: Providing Business Restoration Services Helps Businesses Recover Full Functional Capacity After a Disastrous Emergency So They Can Restart Business Earlier!

Fire and water damage restoration – the comprehensive restoration of any fire or water damage to any property.

Contact Information

24/7 Service: 520-404-3709

Local Service: 409-795-1797

Office Address: 1350 E Nasa Parkway, Houston Texas 77058

Email: info@24-7-bulldog-restoration.com

Checklist: Post-Disaster Actions

Immediate Response: Ensure that emergency services are contacted immediately following a disaster.

Safety Measures: Prioritize safety, ensuring that affected areas are evacuated and secure.

Professional Consultation: Seek professional consultation to assess the damage and plan the recovery process.

Insurance companies: Start insurance claims so that disaster recovery and repairs are funded.


Bulldog Restoration LLC provides an outcome this way. We will restore your disaster to a pre-loss condition and return to our community so everyone can get their disaster and get back from their trouble. I very much enjoy giving aid to our troubled clients and am further elated to hand that aid and hope that one day they too can give to our community.

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